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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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tragic breaking news of tennessee with six kids have died in this crash in chattanooga. somehow this school bus, their writing and gun wrapped around a tree. there are dozens is that elementary kids on for. the?injured. is the pepsi center for the to those with disabilities. of the lawsuit is the many big changes. woman behind the lawsuit says if you are hearing impaired don't have the same experiences other fans as he we sat down with her to see tor. trgovac person says it all the events she has, she can't enjoy them because she's hearing- impaired and there's no closed captioning. she filed this lawsuit change it. is one of the bigger video boards in sports arenas nationwide. for those who can't hear, the noisy bright board, say they feel lost. >> it's a problem nationwide. i came to talk with them about
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work out a captioning system. >> reporter: this class-action lawsuit aims to force them to become fully ada compliant that would include adding closed captioning to its video board and providing interpreters or events when the board is not in use. >> manufacture makes captioning available because you have captioner on-site at the pepsi center or you can do it remotely. checkout she says it are trying to work out a deal for a year. family filed a lawsuit to allow a judge to decide. if the other spots across the country already close caption their games in this is an easy fix. kiersten says this fight is about more than just her. >> this affects all deaf and hard of hearing people who travel here for events. it's a huge issue. attorney said in the
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various options that will meet the needs of the county and city look forward to working toward a rrsolution. the stick a live look at the drums. the mounds are under storm warning as next round of snow moves in. i is at the studio in cherry creek state park with a look at how this could slow down the morning drive. checkout beautiful and dark in cherry creek. breaking news, weather vehicle tonight will have taking storm system works its way down from the mountains onto the plains. expect a mix of rain and snow in the morning hours. it will be a major problem. you attend a big vehicle like this to travel better. here some of the nice folks we meet and greet walking their dogs. even at this late hour, with its start people out there have well lit dog collars to take
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we winter storm warnings and snow advisory in effect for the mounds for tonight and tomorrow. 6 to 12 inches possible. will be as much of an issue down here. temperatures dropping into the mid-40s. it dirties. there will be a dry at night until midnight. get the rain snow makes down here, heavy snows in the mountains which is excellent timing as we get into the thanks giving holiday. the ski resorts very happy about getting into this storm. we'll have the full forecast coming up the first alert weather updates coming up in just a few minutes. for now, i'm glad i have hot coffee because it's getting chilly. dealing with the crowds during the holidays can be a true test of patience. airport congestion can help all of us, even those stayinn home with thanksgiving. marc stewart is live at denver international to explain.
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a big surge in the number of people passing to the airports. 10% jump compared to the same time last year. this will help all the coffee shops and restaurants. we could also reap the benefits from these record-setting travels days. >> the thanksgiving early birds are starting to arrive. >> the crowds are bad. pleasantly surprised. >> reporter: digg passengers during the holiday rush. that's up 10% frommlast year. >> we left early to make sure we have enough time to get through security. check every month, dia has said passenger volume records. the traffic benefits the gift shops and restaurants, some of the money from those sales help the airport with its operating costs. in turn more flight options for all of us. when we are able to charge airlines a lower operating the
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bring more business to death because it's more profitable for them as they have. dia was a place of passengers to connect from 1 foot to the next. airport officials say is a new trend emerging. >> used to be denver was a higher percentage of connecting traffic and today we are more origin and destination type of airport. more people are coming tt visit the mile high city is ever before early as the point of world. to go nonstop around the- if you are flying from denver sunday, exited to be the busiest day. last year we saw epic lines. very long lines. this year, as the alliance along with dia have actually hired extra staff people to help make those lines smoother than the you should give your two hours before your flight. hate in colorado for the 22nd a mischief involving hate graffiti have been reported in
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some victims tells the presidential election hhd is given these two undercurrents of hatred or loving that have been there the whole time. the imam at the colorado muslim society say their members have been targeteddverbally and physically limited woman was shopping after the election. >> somebody tried to pull her scarf. this is a physical assault and told her you don't belong here. >> no mosques have reported being that lies. take to in the trial of a woman being tried for murder. the mother of three men escort business on the side and that's how she met jones. it took five years to find her remains after she disappeared in 2007. this man thrown in jail over the weekend reportedly after pointing a gun at kids in boulder. they're throwing snowballs at
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nap. for sheriff support was paid to the store is it refuse to hire non-us citizens. the sheriff's department is changing its policy and will consider any candidates as long as he or she has a work permit. stallings form of former fire chief says he's guilty. his domata $12,000 from that department as part of his plea deal he'll pay the money back and still looking at eight years in prison. tonight we are learring new details about what led up to man being shot and killed in denver last week. it happened in the sunnyside neighborhood. many lisa said two men tried to break down the front door and that's when he was shot. police that a large amount of drugs and guns inside that home. that little dog there is widget, of pueblo police k-9 the extra belly scratch after making a huge cocaine bust. he sniffed out over $1 million worth of cocaine. lisa the drugs
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>> when a mess and i 25. look at that >>. it happened when a tanker hit a piece of metal in the road near yeldon that cause a tanker spill 30 gallons of fuel and took four hours to get it all cleaned up. tonight over some investigator live in his room looking into a colorado program is costing some drivers testing program. if you drive an older vehicle you have to deal with it if you pass your good to go. if you feel you cannot register your vehicle in colorado. he could be talking about repairs. mechanics came to us and said should not be. they pointed us to this woman whose 1996 tyler rav4 kept failing test after test but ultimately passed without getting any major repairs whatsoever. we started looking at the
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some feeling one testing station then passing it another , sometimes in the same day. >> they laugh or two large margin of error. that can effectively cost somebody a lot of money in repairs that they may or may not otherwise be.>> does that difference in fact people are failing concern you? >> we're concerned about a program overall. we take a number of measures in order to make sure we have a good program. i think we write a good program. >> the emissions testing ppogram costco runs $50 million last year, roughly half in fees, half in repairs. we work ahead toward 10 o'clock newscast with critics rationing the value of the program since the most recent analysis shows or reduces ozone by less than 1%. price tag for fighting the beaver creek fire is a $30 million. this is a massive fire running north of walden. the 38,000 acre fire started
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no rush to put it out because it's mainly burning trees killed by pine needles. there are lots of driving apps. will look into which ones will help you the most this holiday weekend. want to meet these spacing? ! want to meet bruce springsteen?
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after going off on a rant walking offstage in sacramento, connie west has canceled the rest of his touu. that includes his show in denver. was supposed to be at the pepsi center next tuesday. we don't know why just yet. the boss is coming to denver.
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doing a meet and greet at the tattered cover on colfax next wednesday. youu chance to get a ticket tomorrow morning at 10. one of the biggest shopping days of the year around the corner. are you ready? sitting to all the deals can be overwhelming. we are here to help. sally is here to help. >> right now, there are 60,000 deals being advertised just today. it's very overwhelming. before you head out there and check out all these there in the store she may want to login and surf the web a little bit. black friday tells you what's trending as far as deals right now. deal, target, you can click on it and buy whatever you want. it tells you what's been bought so far. it keeps you up-to-date on all the black friday deals. this
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these deals black friday, they are doing it ahead of time. there's lot of door buster sales going on right now. >> which retailers have the best deals. >> kohl's. they are doing incentives. ask you to comment, check out their deals. to buy their deals will give you money. target is doing incentives for black friday deals ahead of time and giving out gift cards. walmart is another one buy is not giving gift cards or cashback but they are slashing prices in half and competing the best day to shop will be friday. there's no escaping nats. thanks for doing that work. if you hit the road for thanksgiving, make sure you are prepared. we did the research, we put tooether top five apps to survive the drive.
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ways neck. you can get real-time alerts about traffic jams. >> if your pets are coming along, the app bring fido has more than 100,000 places to stay , play and eat with your daughter. this is quirky must see places. i would add, download the denver seven app you in the know this season. if you haven't already, today's the last day you can enter to win a free pie. you can only do it to the denver seven app. arapahoe basin got approval to expand the white river national forest made a decision to allow the ski areas to do several projects which includes anything to 38 acres of ski terrain. front range trinity college selfie you get involved in the craft brewing industry. you can get an associates
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taking part in this program makes it easy to transfer to bring programs that larger colleges. this adorable kitten needs a home. take a look. we got to see her a couple days after a rough couple of weeks. >> she was rescued from this pvc pipe. tomorrow, she's getting spayed and is up for adoption from the wednesday. plenty of water in the mountains across the state. chief meteorologist mike nelson is in the cherry creek.part.>> it's always good to ggt out alive in the breaking news vehicles. these are beasts. they are ready for any kind of tough weather. also the sensors inside of both the breaking news. until several temperatures and
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where we are here? we're giving away coffee. sherry has joined us. how are you sure? have your sparkly earrings on tonight. you're taking care of my low, your dog and jed. >> he is a portuguese water dog and she is a mix. >> your walking dogs a new managed a dental office. >> have a great thanksgiving. thanks for coming out. back here we have jackson and taylor and casey. they've been helping us out and keeping us ready with coffee. colder weather coming in. we need to have some.
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degrees ever take. it will be a lot colder tomorrow as the storm comes in. right now, to just dropping, wins light from the east. low pressure system down over the four corners of move its way across colorado tonight and tomorrow. not a supercold storm but the pleasure to work wwth it was 6 to 12 inches of snow for the mountains down around the planes. mix of rain and snow showers as a teacher strapped into the mid- 30s for tomorrow, you want to allow extra time becaase we will have with roads in morning. i don't take a major problem but allow maybe 20 to 30 minutes. skies will clear later in the day, the pitchers colder in the mid-40s as far as much or, will get 6 to 12 inches on the planes, maybe an inch. a lot of that will melt. it will begin good to get that moisture with again. clouds increase, rain and snow
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to the high teacher 45, rain gradual clearing in the afternoon. extended forecast wednesday, getaway day thanksgiving, mid- 50s and very nice. thanksgiving, mountain snow party check partly cloudy. friday will be a bright spot will be bright friday the mid- 50s and sunshine year 60 saturday, perhaps a stronger storm coming up sunday a better chance of snow in the mountains, rain and snow expected in the planes with breaking news truck and the folk we're out here at state parks.park. will see you guys
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bye week over. broncos back to work today and back to good health with the cheese coming into mile high sunday night. denver seven focus inside of troy rank with the latest from the valley today.>> brickels or ate like benjamin button. this is the hope is they been in 10 weeks it starts at cornerback. wonders for aqib talib. you feel like he's ready to make a push that stretch. >> i feel great. i'm going to finish great progress a three- week break so my legs feel extra fresh and i feel like super fresh right now. jurco more good news for defense. he told upper 70s optimistic about playing against the cheese. it's called what it is, this
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sawdust, breakdown the brass cycles. defense of the finest battle when you talk to the players. >> we know this is our time we have to turn out another notch. a lot of teams fall off and they can't continue to stay on that right and continue to get better. this, we know t to turn our game up another notch.>> we're hard nose and. the quarterback. they could replace the best on defense wins on offense whoever do will win. t?rko marlon brown in camp signed to a two-year deal cut back to an extent. back to you in the studio. edition takes the estimates. the spirit, check this out. atkinson threw it on net. three abs players have to leave but the absence scored to.
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nice drive by josh. i started shaking down thunder from the sky. dj beachum with the third reich. notre dame up by 15. 56-44 in the second half. thanks for watching. we will see you tonight at 10.
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right now on "the list," cut your cooking time in half. turkey day hacks to save you hours in the kitchen. and shopping social. tricks to make those anning ads save you money. then go mini. three creative side dishes big on flavor by going small. plus, sexy taxi? cab drivers go from not to hot in this crazy calendar.
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>> here's what's trending now. >> this holiday season it's all about picking the perfect gift. so don't think twice before choosing anything that landed on the list of the most dangerous toys of the year. released by the nonprofit group world against toys causing harm. no huge surprise you should be careful when a kid starts begging for a nerf gun but be weary of this giant hammer and flying shup super hero toys little ones. also on the list, the bounce body bumpers. yep. these are real. and they really encourage kids as young as 4 to crash into each other over and over again. are you okay? hope so. and even wishing you an er-free holiday season. >> that's gret advice. now on to great news. turns out this tury you
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meal is cheaper this year than last. turkey prices have come down. milk prices have come down. >> this is great news from the american farm bureau federation and it gets better. >> after adjusting for inf inflation, the price of this year's dinner is lower than it was 31 years ago. >> that's right. don't go out and buy a new car just yet. the turkey is down 30 cents from last year and the whole dinner is down just 24 cents coming in at a little less than $5 per person. that feel guilty about grabbing an extra serving of the delicious mashed potatoes. >> one way to really bring your thanks giving cost down, cook for less people. as in just yourself. you're about to lernt magic of self giving. >> i'm so happy. >> you'd be happy, too, if you didn't have to spend turkey day surrounded by screaming family members. >> it's garbage! robert ate the sauce! >> well, get your sauce somewhere else.


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